La Mont GmbH is an engineering office existing for more than eighty years. We are working in the field of industrial heat exchanger design for generating steam and hot water. La Mont supports you with calculations and design works. Further on, we cooperate with ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH in Berlin to find solutions for sophisticated applications. The power of the boilers range from small steam boilers of 0.8 t/h up to vast power plants of 3,000 t/h. Over the years we have made an enormous number of references in all fields of firing, erection and designing boilers and plants. Due to a changing power engineering market innovations in the field of structured tubes technology are offered (Industrial Power Tubes). These tubes have technical and economical advantages at heat transfer and catalysis.

New market segments can be developed with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations of flow, combustion and heat transfer processes in the field of industrial heat transfer technology as well as with strength simulation. Additionally, we offer power engineering services like measurements and design. La Mont also offers water treatment services for boiler feed water treatment and conditioning as well as treatment of process water, waste water and drinking water. We design plants and consult concerning thermal/ electrical utilization of biomass based on own technical and financial concepts.