Water-cooled inclined Grate
Inclined Grate

Our brand-new inclined grate represents state of the art in firing renewable fuels and using sustainable energy. This innovative product fits perfect in biomass power plants. We already have 400 references in biomass incineration and boilers. These systems run with various firing processes or as waste heat boilers.

The inclined grate gives you an all in one solution on the basis of a water-cooled grate. The grates inclination relates to the fuel input angle, which causes a self-running grate.

Further advantages are:
    • Rigid and economic construction,
    • No mechanic elements,
    • Minimal wearout,
    • Reduced depositing due to water cooling,
    • Intensified water circulation by including the grate in the circuit.
    The system can be completely integrated in a small power incineration plant. The possible fuels include wood, chopping wood, peat, bark, straw, nutshells etc.

    With several years of experience we provide you with best service and offer to be your partner in design, planning, redevelopment and erection of biomass boilers and power plants. The technology is offered by licensees who successfully acquire the technology especially in the Asian market (China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India).