Site Construction
How will the technical tasks be solved? Reasonable and profitable solutions do exist. We have a wide and extensive experience in the field of energy conversion regarding boiler and combustion technology.

Generally a modular approach allows a number of boilers to be combined to make whatever capacity is necessary for even the largest most ambitious projects. A power generating plant can be divided approximately into the following sections:
  • Fuel storage including reception and storage,
  • Combustion including deashing and air supply,
  • Steam boiler(s) complete with economiser, evaporator and superheater, in some cases these may be hot water boilers only,
  • Flue gas cleaning equipment according to the regulations,
  • Flue gas monitoring and instrumentation,
  • Power generator (usually a steam turbine, but also may be a piston engine, e.g. a Sterling or Spilling engine).
The section where the technical risk is focused is the combustion, boiler and flue gas cleaning. However, most solutions may be found in one of the existing Corner Tube or La Mont Boilers already in use world-wide.