ERK Tubes
ERK-Tubes are tubes with specially formed walls. Standard tubes can be used to form ERK-Tubes. The structure of the wall is adapted to the projected property, for example an increased heat exchange. ERK-Tubes have an effect on the outer and inner flow characteristic, reflect sonic and optic waves distinctively and their surface is more rigid. All these benefits may even be combined and suited to certain applications. This offers a freedom to solve most difficult and complex tasks quickly and at a reasonable price.

ERK Tubes


  • Boiler tubes,
  • Catalysts,
  • Industrial heat exchangers,
  • Exhaust systems at incineration plants,
  • Light weight constructions,
  • Design

Product benefits

Substituting smooth tubes by structured ip tube ® allow several advantages:
  • Saving material,
  • Reduced costs,
  • Smaller building size,
  • Less tube fouling,
  • Better functionality.
  • higher plant availability

Customer benefits

The substitution of plain tubes by ERK-Tubes offers the user many advantages such as:
  • Weight/material savings
  • venhanced functionality
  • reduced construction volume
  • lower tendency to fouling

According to the particular application all the above mentioned advantages or just a few can be effective. Anyway the customer gains a merchandising and economic profit compared to conventional systems, because of the technological value of ERK-Tubes. Our technology offers a wide range of applications: from heat exchangers of water boilers that may get considerably smaller to car catalysts that may even save the sound absorber. The structure increases the tubes stiffness against bending, which gives numerous opportunities in architecture, light weight and design.